Useful Apps For College Students In Helsinki

Being a student nowadays is much simpler and brings more pleasure than, for example, 10-15 years ago. Today teenagers have access to different devices, helpful websites, such as rapidessay and apps that can ease the process of studying. If you already studying the college of Helsinki or only preparing to be a student, but you don't have useful apps on your phone yet, it is the right time to fix it. So let's start:
1. HLS App
HLS is the most wide-ranging application for travel, which includes useful information about all public transport of Helsinki. With the help of the journey planner, you can find out routes of metro, bus, train, tram, and even buy a ticket directly from the phone. What's more, you can set up real-time notifications that will inform you about changes in any route. This app is a must for students that need to move around different campuses.
2. BenchPrep
It is a helpful online library for every student. The interactive library includes different courses and lessons on various topics for final and professional exams. It also has hundreds of practical exercises, cards with questions, examples of essays, and more than 600 lessons. But if you didn't find specific information on BenchPrep, killer papers service will help you with an assignment. You can find it on the Reddit platform. So just remember, if you have any complex issue, search for killer papers Reddit and your homework is in reliable hands.
3. NotesDesk
Some teachers love to say something like - have a great holiday, and don't forget to write an essay that will have an impact on your grades. You won't forget about such things with the help of the NotesDesk. It is a super-fast app for making notes. NotesDesk opens a new note by default and allows you to set up the hotkeys. To add more, it has a very convenient search within the notes. But, it happens that you forget about an important assignment, even having such a smart app. You don't need to worry about such a situation. Just look through the nerdify review to find a reliable writer that will help you with an essay in the short term.
4. EasyBib
If you have ever done a bibliography, you know how exhausting and complicated it can be. It is extremely important to check all sources and meet a proper format while preparing such an assignment. This app automatically generates a bibliography by scanning barcodes of all books. But, anyway, you need to be very focused, concentrated and have someone who can help if you are confused. For example, you can always look over edubirdie reviews and rely on the assistance of trustworthy specialists.
With the help of these apps and useful services, you can save a lot of time and become more productive during your studying path. Your preparation for the upcoming exams and tests will be more efficient.