The most popular apps for students

Being a student isn't easy. Many of them experience difficulties with their studies. The smartest ones try to alleviate their burden in all possible ways and use the software that helps them stay organized and deal with some difficulties quickly. Even if you’re in high school and only prepare to apply for college, some apps discussed below are irreplaceable for effective studying. You may argue and say that a lot of your friends who have high academic performance do well without them, but if you try to incorporate technologies in your life, you will hardly want to return to your previous life.
If you aim to study at college, there's one category of websites that you should remember and use in difficult situations. We mean the services providing help writing papers for college. College's curricula sometimes are too complex, so having a helper at hand will be useful. Here is the list of best apps for students, explore it, and choose those that will be necessary for you.

Microsoft Office

This software is free for IOS and Android, so if you've looked for the apps to read and edit your documents, tables, and presentations, choose it. It lets you make notes and have everything you need on your mobile phone. Stop carrying heavy textbooks and writing endless lectures on your own - use the blessings of civilization. You may also install this software to your PC and synchronize the information on all your devices.


Those who need to register on many services experience difficulties with remembering the passwords. LastPass is a great tool that stores your passwords in one place. Set browser extension that will save your passwords and autofill blanks, making the sign-up process easier. This app is free, so you surely should try it.


If you need to attend an important meeting or lecture and don't want to miss valuable information, download SoundNote. The advantage of this app is its ability to record audio while you’re taking notes. So don't worry if you fell asleep or simply missed several words. Play the audio recording and fill in the missing parts of the text.

Keeping everything in the head is impossible; that's why many people buy planners or create to-do lists on their own to remember what they need to do. There's no sense in doing it because there are a lot of useful apps that help people stay organized. All you need to have is a mobile phone. The app is free. Download it, set the tasks, and you will never forget to book tickets, turn in the assignment, and meet with friends to discuss the project.


Understanding math is a gift that's given to a few students; however, this discipline is obligatory in many curricula, so students don't have the choice and are forced to study it. Mathway is the best app for solving mathematical problems. It may help you with algebra, trigonometry, rocket science, mathematical analysis, and so on. Mathway is a database consisting of thousands of solved problems and formulas. Type in your problem and get a detailed guide to finding a solution.